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Unsolved puzzles По русски

  • Family of Tzvi Klionsky (1840s-1920s), 1900(?), Smorgon, Russia
  • Pic 1: Children of Arnold/Ari Klionsky (1870 - 1933), 1913, Hungary(?)
  • Pic 1: Siblings George Klionsky(1905?-1940?) & Rosa Kugelman(1904 - 1944) with their mother and aunt, 1913, Hungary(?)
  • members of Jewish fraternity; 1921 Antwerpen, Belgium
  • George Klionsky, Rosa`s brother in 1920s, London(?),England
  • Pic 2: Rosa`s post card to Red Cross, Ravensbruke concentration camp, 1944
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Missing People and Connections
Though our family tree has hundreds of known members, there are still many people, across the generations, who are "missing" in the sense that they disappeared from current view, their descendants, siblings or spouses are unknown or we do not know how they are related to us.

Unidentified People
A number of Klionskys have been identified across the US who do not appear on any of our family tree charts. The same is true for a number of Klions around the country. We do not know how any of them are related to the rest of us, or whether they even are.

Family Mysteries
All of these are the unsolved puzzles or mysteries of the Klionsky family. You can read about them below. If any of you can identify any of them or answer any of the unanswered questions, please let us know. Or, if any of you have ever been in contact with any of them without being able to figure out a relationship, please let us know that as well, along with any information about them you might have gotten.

Let's see if we can together solve the unsolved family puzzles.

PUZZLE GROUP I: Missing People and Connections

Can you help us answer these questions?

  1. Ester "Irina" Shapiro lives in St Petersburg, Russia and reports that her grandmother had a brother, named Girsha Klionsky and born 1892 in Borisov, who immigrated to America in about 1911; In the early 1930s, his father Man Klionsky in Soviet Russia received several letters from him, mailed from Philadelphia. After that all communication was lost.
    What happened to him?
    Is this clan related to any others? SOLVED!

  2. Simon Klionsky of Ventura California reports that his grandfather Note Klionsky immigrated to the USA in the early 1900s, leaving his wife and children in Borisov. He was never heard from thereafter.
    What happened to him?

  3. Leesa Klionsky Shemtov reports that her grandfather Barnett/Berko/DovBehr, son of Yisroel Yitzhak Klionsky and born around 1861, is rumored to have had a brother - possibly a twin.
    Who is he? SOLVED!

  4. Descendents of Mendel "Mark" Klionsky from Baku report that sometime between 1910-1920 Mendel was sent tickets for US immigration by his siblings in the USA. Mendel went instead to Palestine, but the tickets were given to other relatives who did use them to immigrate to the USA.
    Who used the tickets?

  5. Zalman Mordecai Klionsky had a daughter Dobke Klionsky (sister of Mendel, Barnet, and Shimon) who came to NYC and married a Mr. Robbin; they had children Harry, Eva, Joe, and Ethel.
    What happened to them?

  6. As children, Dobke and her siblings (above) had a household co-resident brought up as their sibling; his name was Israel Klionsky , but he apparently did not have the same parents as the others, as their father was Zalman Mordecai while his was Yitzhak Tzvi. This Israel became a butcher in Binghamton, NY.
    What was his relationship to the others?

  7. What was the name of Zalman Mordecai's wife?

  8. Zalman Mordecai had known brothers Gershon and Yisroel Yitzhak; he also had another brother whose son was named Girsha (great-grandfather of our webmaster).
    What was Girsha's father's name? SOLVED! - Khaim-Osher Klionsky

  9. Gershon Klionsky (see #8) had sons Mendel and Shmuil; the tree of the former is known. It is also known that Shmuil had a son Morduh "Max" Klionsky (b. 1896-1987, and married Sofia) and a daughter Polina (1899-1986, and married Boris).
    What happened to Shmuil and his children?

  10. Girsha Klionsky(see #8) had a childless brother whose name is not known. Also, Girsha had a daughter Lisa who married Yefim Ratner and had a son Arkady Ratner , born around 1920, who lived in Baku until moving to Riga, Latvia after WWII.
    What happened to them?

  11. Did Zalman Mordecai have other brothers also, or any sisters?
    The entire clan of Zalman and siblings and children are missing from census lists in the regions they are believed to have lived in.

  12. Meier Klionsky had children who moved from Ponemone, Lithuania to Odessa and later NYC.
    Where was Meier from originally?

  13. Meier's daughter Annie immigrated to the USA before 1905 and married Joseph Tunick from Stolbtsy, (now in Belarus). They had 6 children, but only the descendants of their youngest son Harry are known.
    What happened to the others (Richard, Michael, Gertrude, Loretta, and Abe, all born 1896 - 1903)?

  14. Louis Klionsky in Las Vegas reports that his father Jacob/Jack had siblings Hyman, San, Alex, and Sylvia.
    What happened to them? SOLVED!

  15. The Jacob/Jack Klionsky in #14 was the son of Abram and Sara. There are three candidates on the 1874 Borisov Revision List for that Abram: a) son of Leyba and born 1843; b) son of Meyer and born 1869; c) son of Nisan and born 1851.
    Which Abram was Jacob's father?
    Is this clan related to any others? SOLVED!

  16. Elena Klionskaya in Detroit reports that her grandfather was Izrael son of Baruch "Boris" Klionsky. Her father was named Boris after his father's altered name. Boris is a retired Navy officer and lives in Moscow, where he teaches English. Boris' brother Alexander lives in St. Petersburg with his family. Izrael came from a village Krupki of Borisov district but moved to St. Petersburg to study medicine in the 1930s. There were about 12 children in the family and he was (one of?) the youngest. Most were murdered in the Holocaust. His elder sister Roza (Galkovskaya) lived in Kuibyshev (Samara) in 50-60s. His elder brother also lived there at that time. Roza had a son - Gennadiy, who also lived in Kuibyshev with his wife (Zoya) and a child. Elena has a brother Alexei Klionsky who lives in Moscow. Is this clan related to any others?

  17. Osher Klionsky and his wife Shifra moved from Borisov (or environs) to Argentina with 9 children in the early 1920s. Nothing is known of Osher's parents or siblings.
    Is this clan related to any others?

  18. Of Osher's nine children (see #17), our charts include 4 generations descended from Efraim/Tuvia, two generations descended from Israel, and only one generation from each of the others (Eliahu, Sara, Hasia, Mina, Bluma, Lazer, and Hana-Rochel). We also don't know married surnames for any of Osher's daughters.
    What happened to them?

  19. Hershel or Herman or Harry Klionsky, married to Raizel or Rachel, had a son Louis/Eliezer Klionsky who moved to Seneca Falls NY from Borisov or environs. Louis reportedly had a brother.
    Who was he?
    Is this clan related to any others?

  20. The 1930 US Census for Philadelphia lists Alexander Klionsky, b~1874 and his wife Elizabeth b~1883 along with their children Alphena and Elizabeth (both b. ~ 1914) and John b~1918.
    What happened to them?

  21. The ship Dania brought Chaye and Feifel Klianski to NYC on Aug 8 1891.
    What happened to them?

  22. A database called 'Russians to USA Passenger Lists 1850-1896' includes Klionskys named Leibisch, Itsig, Rifke, Reischel, Sore, and Rachel . It also includes Klions named Hirsch, Bella, and Jankel. They could each have travelled individually or all as a group or anything in between. If anyone has access to this list, their efforts to research details would be appreciated.
    What happened to these people?

  23. Early USA census records include the following unidentified Klions of various spellings:
    • John Klion- appears in 1870 NJ
    • (same or other?) John - appears in 1900 OH
    • Agnes Cleon appears in PA 1900
    • Jacob Clion appears in OH 1850
    • Benjamin T. Clion appears in GA 1910
    • Fanny A. Klion appears in MI 1900
    • Herman Cleon appears in the 1920 census covering DE, MD and DC
    • Edward Cleon appears in NYC 1850
    • James G. Cleon appears in Harrison WV 1850
    • Jred appears in Wallace KS 1850

  24. More unidentified Klions include
    • Peter Klion- a civil war soldier from MA
    • Anne Clion appears in 'Passenger and Immigration Lists NY 1820 - 1850'

  25. Early 1900s US census records for Klionsky list the following unidentified people:
    • Agnes in WV in 1920
    • Maurice in MA in 1910
    • Louis in NYC in 1920
    • Joseph in NYC in 1920

  26. In various years 1900 - 1920, NYC census info shows men with the first name of Barnet and/or Barnett along with surnames Klionsky, Klonsky, and Klansky.
    Are all of these listings explained by the Barnet and Barnett already on in our website records?

  27. Willie, Augusta, and Ferdi Klenskey appear in the 1850 US census for Philadelphia.

  28. Frank Klensky appears in the Ohio census for 1850 (Cuyahoga county)

  29. Julius Klionsky from Guilford, NC appears in WWI US Draft Registration Cards, 1917 - 1918

PUZZLE GROUP II: People who share our name but aren't in our trees (yet).

Can you help us identify any of these people?

If you would like to contact any of the following people, please let us know and we will send you this person's phone number. Since so many people will look at this site, it would be unfair to subject anyone to a barrage of phone calls. If you let us know, we can organize the calls in a way to avoid unnecessary intrusion.

The following people with the surname Klionsky were identified via web searches (as of December 2004)

  1. James, in Weirton, WV 304-XXX-XXXX

The following people, with the surname Klion, were identified via web searches (as of December 2004)

  1. Brenda Klion (some connection to Capital Realty Advisors in Palm Beach Gardens Florida), (Perhaps related to Phil, #8?)
  2. Jerome Klion, New Hartford, NY 315-XXX-XXXX SOLVED!
  3. M. Klion, 101 W. 81st St. NYC 212-XXX-XXXX
  4. Mike Klion, work relation to Ruby Duncan and/or IMS Management Company
  5. Phil Klion, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 561-XXX-XXXX (Perhaps related to #1)
  6. R. Klion, Cary, NC 919-XXX-XXXX
  7. Reid Klion, does psych testing in Indianapolis or Ohio?

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