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Purpose По русски

The web site has been created to serve as a family resource and online "gathering place" with the following goals in mind:

  • Learn about our family history through the family tree charts, historical accounts of the family's beginnings and stories about family members of past and present generations.

  • Establish a source of family pride for current and future generations.

  • Keep track of family members and keep abreast of family news through shared announcements of important family events.

  • Promote family connections and friendships.

  • Present a means of finding and connecting with new (previously unidentified) family members.

  • Resolve unsolved "puzzles" on the family tree (names and dates of ancestors, for example, or how different branches are connected).

  • Honor our parents, grandparents and all our ancestors, many of whom made courageous decisions that led to better lives for themselves and their families.

  • Memorialize those from our family who perished in the Holocaust.

  • Provide a means for future generations to learn about their history and remain connected to the family.

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