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Photos of Unknown Klionskys

  • `Unknown`M. Klionsky in 1919, at Zembin (a village near Borisov), Russia
  • Back of the picture with `Unknown`M. Klionsky; the writing says: For good memory to my dear and lovely bride from bridegroom. M.Klionsky, Zembin, 6th of November 1919; A possible bride was Sonya Shifrin from Zembin.
  • `Unknown`M. Klionsky in 1919, at Zembin,a village near Borisov, Russia. (The picture is resized to a portrait for a better identification.
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Who Are These Klionskys?
Although our family website includes hundreds of known members, there are still many people across the globe who may be part of the family but remain unidentifed.

On this webpage, we present the pictures of suspected Klionsky family members.  Can you help us identify any of these photos? Please let us know (via our Contact Us page) if you recognize a familiar face!

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