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img1 Our photo archive is being constantly updated and new entries are added often.
Number of photos: 775    Last photo added: Jan 19, 2022
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All pictures   May 11, 2010
Description: All pictures that we have on this site
Klionsky Clan:
All faces   May 11, 2010
Description: All portraits we have attached to the individual profiles
Klionsky Clan:
Family of Shmuil Klionsky(1875-1936), Zembin-Minsk, Russia   Mar 16, 2021
Description: Shmuil's father, Yitzhak, and ZMK - Zalman Mordecai Klionsky (1840s?-1890s?) were brothers; Shmuil is a younger brother of Barnett "Berko" Klionsky (1861 - 1938), grandfather of our site co-founder Leesa ShemTov.
Klionsky Clan: ZMK-YY
Descendants of Eugene/Yevgeniy Klionsky(1889 - 1943) of Borisov-Moscow   Sep 22, 2020
Description: Eugene(Yevgeniy, in Russian) was born in Borisov, worked as pharmacist in pre-WWII Moscow and died in action during WWII. His descendants live in Moscow, Russia
Klionsky Clan: KEA
Miscellaneous Klionskys   Apr 04, 2020
Description: Miscellaneous pictures of the extended Klionsky family
Klionsky Clan: ZMK
Data pager
Data pager
Page size:
 24 items in 5 pages

You can also browse our photos via existing tags (keywords). Each tag is listed below on this page in the form of a checkbox. Select a tag and click 'GO' button to see pictures associated with that tag.

You can also combine tags by checking multiple checkboxes.

Tag Title 
17Archive of Bradley Greenland of Merrimack, NH
11Archive of Inbal Friedenstein, Tel Aviv
20Archive of Joaquín Krasuk of Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires
19Archive of Keni Woodruff of Atlanta, GA
18Archive of Leesa ShemTov (nee Klionsky), co-founder of
5Archive of Leonardo Chercasky - Argentina
12Archive of Regina Burton, Brisbane, Australia
22Archive of Teresa Liliana Klionski of Palermo, Buenos Aires
4City of Baku, Azerbaijan
25Descendants of Israel Klionsky (1900-1937) of Borisov-Lithuania-Buenos Aires
23Descendants of Shifra Petluk/Peled (1936 - 2010) of Buenos Aires-Israel
21Family & descendants of Harry Klionsky-Lyons (1898-1981) of Borisov - Los Angeles
13Klionsky of Baku - sisters Sofia (Klionsky) Bogod & Esphir Klionsky
14Klionsky of Baku 2 - sisters Sofia (Klionsky) Bogod & Esphir Klionsky
16New Pictures 2: Descendants of Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864 – 1939) of Voznesensk/pre-Israel
15New Pictures: Descendants of Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864 – 1939) of Voznesensk/pre-Israel
24Wedding of Sarah Sonnenfeld and Ori Noked, Nov 1 2020 in Boston, USA

With so many trees, Klionsky family is now divided into clans. Some clans have no connection to other clans.

Klionsky Clans tab displays a listing of all branches (clans) in Klionsky family tree
Notation: [short name] - Description

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