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Descendants of Oskar [Osher] Klionsky (1861-1943), Borisov->Lithuania->Buenos Aires, Argentina

Klionsky of Argentina; relationship to other branches is yet to be determined; extended family of Effi Peled (1961-2009) of Tel Aviv, founding team member of

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Last picture posted: 21 Jan, 2023

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As of 2008:

Osher Klionsky, with his wife Shifra and their four sons and five daughters (Efraim/Tuvia/Tobias, Israel, Eliahu, Sara, Hasia, Mina, Bluma/Flora, Hana-Rachel, and Lazer/Elizer), emigrated to Argentina in groups between 1921 and 1929.

Apparently, there was also a fifth son who came to the USA in that same time frame, but his name isn't known and it seems that contact between him and the others was lost.

It is known that Osher was originally from Borisov or its environs.

Although all five daughters married and had children, we only know the married surname of Bluma/Flora (Rovner) and have (in toto) given names of only nine of their children.

All four sons also married and had children (Eliahu and Efraim/Tuvia had daughters only); names of eleven are known.

We know of grandchildren and great-grandchildren only for Israel, Efraim/Tuvia/Tobias, and Bluma/Flora.

Osher's children, except for daughter Mina (who moved to Israel), remained in Argentina.

In the next generation, two of Efraim/Tuvia/Tobias's daughters (Manuella/Mina and Sophia/Shifra) moved to Israel, whereas Cecilia moved to Australia and Dobe/Dora moved to Santiago, Chile; Bluma/Flora's son Santiago also moved to Australia.

Several of the youngest generation of Osher's adult descendants - none with a Klionsky surname - are currrently living in the USA.

So far as is known, all other descendants of Osher remain in Argentina.

There are about 60 known living members of this clan, but the actual total is probably far larger, for the information on so many branches is incomplete.

There are presently a half-dozen Klionsky listings in the Buenos Aires telephone directory; these are presumably the descendants of Israel and Lazer (for as noted, Eliahu and Efraim/Tuvia had only daughters).

Other than through these telephone directory listings, we have not speculated about the number of users of the Klionsky surname.

Within the past few months, contacts have been established through Facebook and Skype with two of Israel's great grandaughters in Buenos Aires.

We hope this leads to additional information about this clan, and perhaps a way to connect them to others.

Effi Peled (grandson of Efraim/Tuvia and son of Shifra) contributed his technical skills to setting up this website.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to any additions and/or corrections you are able to make to the Argentine-Klionsky chart.

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Silvergirl (Nora Rovner-New, AUSTRALIA)

The photo of Santiago Rovner was in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Created by Silvergirl (Nora Rovner-New, AUSTRALIA)
Created on Jan-20-2023 at 11:36 Pacific Time (San Francisco)


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