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  • Don Klionsky, 1908?, Russia
  • Wedding of Tobias, son of Osher Klionsky(1860s?-1930s?), Wilno, Lithuania, 1922
  • Family of Note Klionsky; he left it behind in Russia, 1918, Borisov area
  • Mendel Klionsky and his family in Borisov, c. 1904
  • Children of Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864-1939), Voznesensk, 1921
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Item 1 of 5 is an exciting step forward in our family's long history. For more than 110 years the Klionsky family has been migrating throughout the world from its original base in Russia ...
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Oct 10, 2018    News: Gideon Klionsky featured in a funny picture by 'The Boston Globe'
Feb 20, 2018    Research notes: New information for descendants of Osher (1856-1930s) and Shifra Klionsky of Borisov-Vilna-Argentina
Oct 23, 2017    Obituary: Marc Klionsky (1927-2017) of NYC : a Soviet-Jewish émigré to New York who gained worldwide prominence painting portraits of such eminent figures as Golda Meir and Elie Wiesel, has died.
Sep 09, 2017     Story of Anna "Louba" (nee Klionsky) Rubens (1898 - 2004) of London, UK: Louba was the 2nd daughter of Mark (Mendel) Klionsky(1867-1965) of Baku, USSR & pre-Israel; neice to Barnet (Berl) Klionsky (1874-1960) of NYC and Shimon Klionsky(1865-1902) of Binghamton, NY
Aug 12, 2017    Wedding photos of Barnet (Berl) Klionsky (1874-1960) of NYC and his daughter Libby (Klionsky) Deutsch (1906-2001) : Barnet is the younger brother of Shimon Klionsky(1865-1902) of Binghamton, NY and Mark (Mendel) Klionsky(1867-1965) of Baku, USSR & pre-Israel.


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