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This is a Hierarchical list of all profiles we have in our Klionsky family database.

The list starts with Klionsky generation of mid 19th century as a top entry and drills down to the depth of 10 generation of their direct descendants

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    Klionsky, Unknown1 (late 1700s - mid 1800s)  
  Borisov area, Belarus, Russian Empire
    Klionsky, Hersh [Tsvi] (1840s - 1920s)  
  Smorgon, Belarus, Russian Empire
Family of Stella Nikiforova, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Klionsky, Gershon (1840s? - 1890s?)   Family of Marc Klionsky(1927-2017), the artist
    Klionsky, Yankel Note (1840s? - 1900s?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus
    Klionsky, Unknown2 (1830s? - 1900s?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus, Russian Empire
Family of Daniel Klionsky, the webmaster
    Klionsky, Zalman Mordecai (1830s? - 1880s?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus, Russian Empire
brothers Shimon, Mark/Mendel , Barnet
    Klionsky, Isaac [Yitzhak] (1830s? - 1890s?)  
  Zembin, Belarus, Russian Empire
Family of Leesa ShemTov(nee Klionsky), this site co-founder
    Klionsky, Lazar (1830s? - 1890s?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus, Russian Empire
Family of Oskar Klionsky(1856-1943), Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Klionsky, Nissan [Note] (1823 - late 1800s)  
  Borisov area, Belarus, Russian Empire
Family of Ester Shapiro, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Klionsky, Hershel (1850s? - 1900s?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus, Russia
Klionskys of Seneca Falls, New York
    Klionsky, Louis [Eliezer Gershon] (1882 - 1952)  
  peddler || Borisov area, Russia->Seneca Falls, New York, USA
    Klionsky, Unkown3 (? - ?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus
Family of Lesley & Renee Klionsky of San Francisco, USA
    Klionsky, Morris (1880s? - 1933)  
  Borisov area, Belarus
    Klionsky, Jacob (? - ?)  
  Borisov area, Belarus
    Klionsky, Zalman (1880s? - 1960s?)  
   physician || Borisov area, Russia->Tallinn, Estonia
Family of Yakov Soskind, NJ, USA /Klions of Canada
    Klionsky, Yakov (1920 - 1941)  
  Borisov area, Soviet Russia
    Soskind, Rosa [Raisele] (1924 - ?)    
    Klionsky, Leiba-Getzel (1864 - 1939)  
  Grodno, Russia->Voznesensk, Russia->Jerusalem, Israel
    Klionsky, Grigoriy [Girsha] (1892 - 1942)  
    Sheinin, Gittel/Katya [Gittel] (1894 - 1942)  
  housewife || Voznesensk, Russia->St.-Petersburg (Leningrad), Soviet Russia
    Klionsky, Yakov [Yankel] (1895 - 1968)  
  accountant || Voznesensk, Russia->Moscow, Soviet Russia
    Zaichik, Eidia (1898 - 1987)  
  housewife || Voznesensk, Russia->Wilno, Soviet Russia
    Tidhar, David (1900 - 1941)  
  Voznesensk, Russia->Tel Aviv, Pre-Israel
    Sakharov, Galina [Chaya-Kaliya] (1903 - 1967)  
  Voznesensk, Russia->Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, Soviet Russia
    Vernev, Manya [Malka] (1904 - 1959)    
    Klionsky, Ida/Lida (1909 - 1970) //  
  Voznesensk, Russia->St.-Petersburg (Leningrad), Soviet Russia
    Klionsky, Simeon [Shimon] (1910 - 1942) //    
    Klionsky, Golda (1913 - 1920) //    
    Klionsky, Porukh (1866 - 1941)  
  Zembin, Belarus->Krupki, Borisov area, Belarus
Family of Yelena Heilman(nee Klionsky), CA, USA
    Klionsky, Israel (1907 - 1966)  
  surgeon || Krupki, Borisov area, Belarus->St.-Petersburg (Leningrad), Soviet Russia
    Klionsky, Note (1872 - ?)  
  Zembin, Belarus, Russia
Family of Simon Klionsky, Ventura, CA, USA
    Klionsky/Klensky, Yefim [Faivel] (1906 - 1972)  
  Zembin, Belarus->Krupki, Borisov area,
    Haytin, Manya (1908 - 2001)  
  Krupki, Borisov area, Belarus->New York, USA
    Klionsky, Isay [Chaye] (1909 - 1983)    
    Nistratova, Rita [Rivka] (1911 - 1999)  
  Krupki, Borisov area, Belarus