A message from the website team

Welcome to Klionsky.org, our family's web site!

Bringing the family back together
Klionsky.org is an exciting step forward in our family's long history. For more than 110 years the Klionsky family has been migrating throughout the world from its original base in Russia. We have gone to Argentina, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, Israel, England, Spain and all across the United States.
With the launch of this web site, we are, in a real sense, bringing the family back together, reconnecting all the distant branches of the family tree to once again - as in the early days of the Russian shtetls - form a family community.

Finding a community
We hope you will find that community here in many different ways: by reconnecting with relatives, meeting members of the family you haven't yet met, learning about our family history, sharing announcements of important family events and passing our fascinating heritage on to our next generations.

Adding new information
We also hope that you will add new information and help in our efforts to uncover the many missing pieces still found in our family tree.
Please send us your comments and suggestions and take a look at the "Family Albums" section (under "Tree") for how you can post your family photos on the site.


Matt, Daniel, Bruce, Leesa, Effi and Gary (see whom we are in the "Site Development" section, under "About")

June 2005