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Many members of the Klionsky family perished in the Holocaust. Among them were two children of Fayvel "Yefim" Klionsky (1906 - 1972) of Krupki, Borisov area, Belarus, pictured below, who perished along with 3 other siblings.

[?] and Sonya Klionsky, died in 1942

The following narrative (translation) and list, which names other family members, comes from two sources: a website published in 1994 by Alexander Rosenbloom of Borisov and another web site about Borisov

Ghetto decimation
On October 20th and 21st, 1941 Nazi Germans and their Russian collaborators shot all of the Jews of Borisov. According to the Nazi's own report, 7245 Jews, among them men, women and children, were shot and killed during the Borisov ghetto decimation.

However before that date other Borisov Jews had been killed as well. On August 18th, 1941 Jews of Zembin (shtetl near Borisov) ghetto were also exterminated. The Zembin Klionsky victims are marked below with (*).

  • Bassya Klionskaya *
  • Broha Klionskaya
  • Deena Klionskaya
  • Dorah Klionskaya
  • Golda "Zlata" Klionskaya *
  • Leeh Klionskaya
  • Massya "Masha" Klionskaya
  • Olga Klionskaya
  • Sima Klionskaya *
  • Hannah Klionskaya *
  • Hassya Klionskaya *
  • Ella Klionskaya
  • Bencion "Bennya" Klionsky
  • David Klionsky *
  • Leiba Klionsky
  • Iohim Klionsky
  • Chaya Klionskaya
  • Shefl Klionsky *
  • Iliahu "Elya" Klionsky *
  • Judah "Yuda" Klionsky *
How this information was collected
This list was compiled in 1992-1998 by the volunteer organization 'The Light of Menorah'. These volunteers combed through German and Soviet documents from the time of the German occupation and beyond.

Most of the information was collected by interviewing relatives, neighbors and acquaintances. Media ads for these interviews ran not just in Borisov, but also in other cities and even other countries.

Unfortunately, this list is far from complete and probably never will be. The time has passed - over 50 years since WWII - and people's memories have faded. The characteristic answer of the younger people today, who were brought up in the Soviet state, is " Yes, we have a great number of relatives killed, but their names were only known to our parents, who have died".

In the Soviet Union it was common to learn and remember the families of the Party leaders, but for Jews, interest in the roots of our own families was discouraged and sometimes even dangerous.

Soviet Army Soldiers
A number of people with the names Klionsky died in the Soviet army during WWII (according to lists from JewishGen.com and the Yad V'Shem database). The list includes the following two people:
  • KLIONSKI, Leiba Yudovich 1906-1942
  • Khanokh Klyonski (or Kalyonski), son of Shlomo. b. ~ 1900 in Minsk, lived in Tashkent.
According to the JewishGen.com database, several members of a Klionsky family died in the Vilna ghetto during the war. They are as follows: Uri Klionski, b. 1890, along with his wife Estera, b. 1906, and their son Jakub b. 1938.

Other Locations
The Yad V'Shem database lists additional Klionskys who died in other locations. They are as follows:
  • Israel, son of Shlomo Klionsky.
  • Tifara Plindau Klionsky b. 1914 d. 1942. Described as a physician from Minsk.
  • Sabtai Klionsky and his father Noech (or Avraham Noech), (son of Eliahu and Sara), and mother Malka (could also have been Dvora or Chana). Sabtai was a tailor in Zemben b. ~1905, d. 1941-2. The father was born ~ 1865, probably in Zembin. The mother was younger, b~1885.
  • Shmuel Klionsky, married to Mina, who died in the Shoah along with their daughter Natalia (b. 1911).
  • Eidlya Klionsky. Eidlya was the wife of Mendel Klionsky and had a daughter Sara (b. 1904) who was married to Moshe Tzofin.

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Monument to the Jews killed in Borisov ghetto


The Plague says :"To the citizens of Borisov murderously killed by Nazi Germans in November of 1941"


The fence with the Star of David surrounding the mass grave of the Jews of Borisov ghetto.



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