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Family Reunions

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Nov 01, 2009 Klionsky family reunion in Berkeley, CA. Klionsky family reunion in Berkeley, CA.
Aug 16, 2009 Australian Klionskys visit San Francisco Australian Klionskys visit San Francisco
Oct 25, 2008 co-founders meet first time in San Francisco Daniel Klionsky, the webmaster of this site and Leesa (Klionsky) Shem-Tov, granddaughter of Barnett `Berko` Klionsky(1861-1936) of Borisov area-New Haven, CT, met first time at Daniel's home town San Francisco
Oct 18, 2008 Grandchildren of Barnett "Berko" Klionsky (1861 - 1938) meet in Massachusetts, USA reunion of the grandchildren of Barnett "Berko" and Gussie Klionsky (New Haven branch)
Jun 05, 2008 Getting together with Klion(sky)s in New York City Daniel Klionsky, the webmaster of this site, while on business trip, got together with several Klionsky people living within New York City greater area.
May 15, 2008 Sylvia (Klionsky) Reichman 75th birthday party in NYC Sylvia (Klionsky) Reichman 75th birthday party in NYC
May 10, 2008 Meeting with chart master Dick Plotz of Providence, Rhode Island was in town and met with Daniel Klionsky at Daniel's house for a cup of tea, a cake ( from the nearby French bakery) and a lovely discussion.
Nov 05, 2007 Cousins get together in Borisov Do you know that there are still Klionskys in Borisov? Ester Shapiro & her parents of St Petersburg, Russia came to Borisov to visit their cousins Nina (Klionsky) Chmikh and Vladimir Klionsky.
Apr 05, 2007 Meeting the artist Marc & Irina Klionsky got together with Daniel Klionsky and his family for the first time gettogether at Marc's apartment/art studio in SOHO district of Manhattan.
Apr 04, 2007 Getting together with Patish brothers in New York Alex Patish, his wife Sveta along with Greg Patish and his wife Alla met with Daniel Klionsky, their 4th cousin in a colorful restaurant in the Russian-speaking anclave of NYC on Brighton Beach ave, Brooklyn, New York.
Apr 01, 2007 Lunch with Klion sisters at Berkley Daniel Klionsky of San Francisco, his family, Cathy Klion, her husband Tom and Emily Klion (Cathy's younger sister) family got together for brunch at Emily's house at Berkley.
Mar 17, 2007 Getting together in Chicago - Matt Klionsky's home Yelena Sinitsyn, great-granddaughter of Mendel "Mark" Klionsky visiting her third and fourth cousins living in Chicago: Matthew Klionsky and Eugene Klionsky.
Dec 26, 2006 Getting together in St Petersburg, Russia Daniel Klionsky & Ester Shapiro got together
Dec 24, 2006 Mini-reunion for Sam Klion descendants most of Sam and Henrietta Klion's descendants got together for a holiday party at Bruce and Linda Klion's house in NYC
Nov 15, 2006 Getting together in Jerusalem Grandchildren of Barnett "Berko" Klionsky(1861-1936) and Gedeon Klionsky, son of Matt Klionsky, Chicago met in Jerusalem.
Jul 05, 2006 A late cup of tea in San Francisco David Plotz, his aunt Emily Klion, sisters Renee and Lesley Klionsky and Daniel Klionsky met at Daniel's home in San Francisco
Jun 20, 2006 Russian Klionskys visit Chicago Elena (Klionsky) Heilman and her first cousin Natasha Klionsky visited Matt Klionsky in Chicago.
Apr 01, 2006 From Paris to San Francisco and back Natasha Mitrofanova and Daniel Klionsky met at Daniel's home in San Francisco.
Sep 02, 2005 Moscow reunion Boris Klionsky and his daughter Elena (Klionsky) Heilman visited Marina Kitain.
Jul 22, 2005 Lunch with an artist in New York Marc & Irina Klionsky got together with Bruce Katz, Beverly Tannenhaus and Sylvia Klionsky Reichman for a summertime family reunion luncheon at 11 Madison Park, a Manhattan restaurant.
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 24 items in 2 pages

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