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Site updates and new content
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1. External links page has a new look

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The content now is devided in four categories -
Firstly, Videos, that are posted at the front (currently, we have only one).
The rest of the material is devided into three section, with each one having its own tab:
  • Audio Files
  • Articles
  • Interviews(Transcripts)
2. The Wall Street Journal article about DNA testing:

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July 20, 2019: DNA Testing Creates Dilemmas for the Family Historian, the Wall Street Journal article about about good and bad things discovered during DNA tastings.

If you can't access the link, here is PDF version of the same article.

The links are accessable from the External links page as well.

Note: Klionskys are not mentioned in that article.

(RU) Интересная газетная статья на англ. языке про ДНК тесты. В одной большой католической семье, после взятия тестов, обнаружились внебрачные дети про которых никто не знал.