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Family of Berl "Barnet" Klionsky (1874 - 1960), Borisov area - USA

Son of Zalman Mordecai Klionsky (1840s?-1890s?), brother of Shimon(1865-1902) & Mendel(1867-1965); family of Bart, Bruce & Cathy Klion

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Barnet Klionsky came to the United States through Ellis Island in 1892 as Borl Klonsky. 
In 1910s Barnet and Nathan Cohen had a shoe store in the lower east side of NYC.
Barnet was considered wealthy up to the depression--having a Stuts automobile and a chauffer at one time.
After the depression set in, he was in residential real estate in the Bronx along with his oldest son Sam Klion.

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