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Family of Don Klionsky (1888-1954), Borisov - Baku, Azerbaijan

This is the family of Daniel Klionsky of San Francisco, our webmaster

Don's grandfather [noname]  was a brother of ZMK - Zalman Mordecai Klionsky (1840s?-1890s?), ancestor of Matt Klionsky of Chicago, this site co-founder.

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Don Klionsky (1888-1954) was born in Borisov, Russia (now Belarus). He was the oldest child of Girsha. Girsha was the first cousin of Shimon Klionsky (Binghamton, NY), Barnet Klionsky (NYC) and Mendel aka Mark (Baku-Israel) .

Don earned a degree in pharmacy in 1911. In around 1915 he and his only sister Lisa moved to Baku, Azerbaijan. Both Belarus and Azerbaijan were parts of the Russian Empire at that time.

Once in Baku, Don Klionsky opened a pharmacy. He married Riva Koldobsky(1905-1995) in 1924 and had three children with her: Regina (1925-1998), Gerta (1934-1981) and Mark (born 1938).

Don`s descendants now live in Russia and the United States.

  • Mark, son of Don, lives in St Petersburg, Russia.
  • Daniel and Yevgeniy "Eugene", sons of Mark, live in San Francisco and Chicago
  • Svetlana "Lana" Alshvang, daughter of Gerta, and her children live in San Francisco area, California