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Descendants of Israel Klionsky (1907-1966) of Borisov area - Leningrad

by his granddaughter Elena (Klionsky) Heilman of Moscow - USA

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According to his papers, Israel was born in a village of Krupki in Borisov area and later, in the 1930s,  moved to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) to study medicine. Upon graduation he became a surgeon.
Israel have had about 12 siblings, he was one of the youngest. Most of his brothers and sisters lived in Smolensk area and  perished in Holocaust.

Israel was married to Kilya Katz (1909-1955).

His elder sister Roza (Galkovskaya) lived in Kuibyshev (now Samara) in 1950-60s.

His elder brother, Alexander, also lived there at that time. Roza had a son - Gennadiy, who also lived in Kuibyshev with his wife (Zoya) and a child.