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Tribute to Effi Peled

Effi Peled (3 Feb, 1961 - 2 Jan, 2009) , founding member of this site and essential part of the development team,
great grandson of Osher Klionsky (1850s?-1930s?),
grandson of Tobias [Efraim-Tuvia] Klionsky (1888-1958)
both of Borisov area, Russia and later of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By Matt Klionsky, Chicago with
Judy Yogev of Israel, Effi's sister, and
Daniel Klionsky, San Francisco

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Effi Peled was born as Efraim-Tobias Petluk in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 3rd 1961. Tobias Klionsky, his maternal grandfather (after whom he was named) had come to Argentina about 35 years before from Vilna, although he was originally from the Borisov-Minsk area.

At the time he arrived, the grandfather was already remarried (following the death of his first wife in childbirth), and was soon followed by his own parents Osher and Shifra Klionsky as well as 8 of their nine other children.

Effi was the first child of Shifra (Sofia) (named after her grandmother) Klionsky and Shlomo Petluk; twin sisters Dafna and Judy arrived the following year.

The children were still small when the family made Aliya to Israel in January 1969. There, the family changed their surname to Peled and Tobias became Effii (short for his Hebrew name Efraim).

While remaining fluent in his native Spanish, Effi also became fully fluent in Hebrew and also in English. He had creative and inventive tendencies even as a small child - apparently, he built and blew up a home made missile at the age of ten and scared the whole neighborhood.

Not surprisingly, he did well in school, graduating from the Technion after his army service with a BSc. in Computer Engineering. Later, he earned a Masters degree in Managenemt of Enterprise and Innovation (MEI) from the Israeli branch of Swinburne University (Australia) .

Afterwards, for many years, Effi held in a top-secret computer engineering position for the Israeli Armament Development Authority.

He enjoyed a wide variety of activities, including basketball, guitar, and stamp collecting. Three children arrived during the 1990's several years following his marriage to Dalia Lindenstrauss; the family lived near Haifa.

About 5 years ago, Effi's sister Dafna got involved in family research and made connections over the internet with other Klionskys. Effi got interested in this too, and became his family's main communicator with the Klionsky genealogy project.

When the call went out for volunteers to develop a Klionsky website, he volunteered for that effort, and did a large part of the initial work to get ensure that the site had the technical capacity to implement the planned ideas.
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Effi with family, 2008

After a 2004 diagnosis of malignant melanona, he underwent experimental treatment, and did well enough for a while to return to work. But, the disease eventually progressed, and he died at home on Jan 2, 2009.

He is survived by his mother Shifra, sisters Judy Yogev and Dafna Goldberg, wife Dalia, children Amir, Tomer, and Noa, and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

At his funeral, his sisters said "Over the years we all grew up and learned but you, Effi, kept on growing all your life and not only in height. You acquired more and more knowledge, experience and wisdom; moved gently from one challenge to another leaving a trail of jokes and laughter behind. And if we were like a sleepy little town, you were a magnificent skyscraper spreading its light all around."

18 Mar, 2009