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Welcome to the Family Stories page!

Each family story is listed below on this page in the form of a link. Click on the link and read the story.

Write to us with your best family stories and share them with the rest of the extended family. Attach some photos too to bring the stories to life.

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Oct 08, 2018   Gideon Klionsky featured in funny picture by 'The Boston Globe' Gideon Klionsky featured in funny picture by 'The Boston Globe'   ZMK-S
Jan 23, 2018   New information for descendants of Osher (1856-1930s) and Shifra Klionsky of Borisov-Vilna-Argentina The Klionsky of Argentina   OKA
Oct 23, 2017   Obituary: Marc Klionsky (1927-2017) of NYC Marc Klionsky, the artist   ZMK-M
Sep 08, 2017   Anna "Louba" (Klionsky) Rubens (1898 - 2004) of London, UK Link to audio interviews   ZMK-M
Jul 08, 2015   Obituary: Mark Klionsky (1938-2015) of Seattle, WA Obituary for Mark Klionsky ( 1938-2015) of Seattle, WA   ZMK-G
Aug 02, 2013   Year 2013 extended Klionsky family reunion Klionsky reunion pictures   ZMK
Nov 15, 2012   Year 2012 extended Klionsky family reunion Klionsky reunion pictures   ZMK
Nov 15, 2012   New connections in Klionsky family tree Descendants of Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864 – 1939) of Voznesensk - Palestine   LKV
Apr 13, 2011   Tribute to Joe Press Joe Press, a good friend of klionsky.org, passed away in Framingham, MA. He was 95 years old.   ZMK-YY
Jul 07, 2010   PAINTING THE FACE OF RUSSIAN JEWRY: The Art and Journey of Marc Klionsky Presentation by Marc & his grandson Julian Olidort on Sunday April 18, 2010 at Brandeis University, Waltham, MA   ZMK-G
Mar 11, 2010   Family of Fayvel Klionsky perished in Shoah Son of Note, extended family of Simon Klionsky of Ventura, CA   NKO
Sep 11, 2009   Berl/Barnet Klionsky (1874-1960) Biography of the youngest son of Zalman Mordecai Klionsky (1840s?-1880s?) and brother of Shimon(1865-1902) and Mark/Mendel(1867-1965) Klionsky   ZMK-B
Mar 18, 2009   Tribute to Effi Peled Eulogy to klionsky.org team member   OKA
Oct 10, 2008   Klionsky of Voznesensk (near Odessa) and Moscow All information came from the family of Grigory [Girsha] Klionsky (1892-1942), son of Leiba Klionsky (1860s?-1940s?)   LKV
Jun 19, 2008   What is the meaning of Klionsky name? Research Notes.   ZMK
Apr 02, 2008   Siblings Dobke Robin (1875-1971) & Israel Klionsky (1876-1955) of Binghamton, NY in relationship to certain other Klionskys of t Israel and Dobke were stepsiblings of Shimon(1865-1902), Barnet(1874-1960) & Mendel(1867-1965) Klionsky   ZMK
Oct 30, 2007   Minsk escape. World War II story Narrated by Marc Klionsky, the artist at NYC   ZMK-G
Mar 27, 2007   Klionsky in the Shoah: Rosa (Klionsky) Kugelman (1904-1944) and her family Here is an extraordinary family story from Stella (Klionsky Kugelman-Griez) Nikiforov. Her Klionsky family saga started in pre-Soviet Russia - and via Britain, Belgium and Nazi Germany, ended up back in post-soviet Russia   AKS
Mar 07, 2007   Researh in Progress: The Klions - newly found Klionsky branch The Klions of Canada   GKC
Jan 25, 2007   Liza Klionsky (1913 - 2005) of St Petersburg, Russia Liza's father Zalman Eli was the son of Yankel. Yankel and his brothers Nissan/Note, Gershon, Zalman Mordecai, Yisroel Yitzhak,and UNKNOWN are progenitors of most of the Klionskys now known in the world. One of her best friends was her 2nd cousin Mina-Leya (Klionsky) Krupkin (1909-2004) who also lived in Leningrad   ZMK-MN

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